Posted in May 2012

Fighting to Write for the Fight: Tracey Hansen

I’d like to introduce everyone to a woman whose energy is as bountiful as the cup of Dionysus is full of wine. That is to say, overflowing and intoxicating. Tracey Hansen is not a writer to miss. She has now collaborated with Tess Hardwick and eleven other writers to produce a touching anthology entitled, Write for … Continue reading

Flash Fiction Faction: Adeline

“Not many gals around here named ‘Susan’,” I say, dragging on the stub end of my cigarette. “Not many gals like me,” she replied. I looked her in the eyes. She’s no knockie. Doubt she’s even had a kiss in her life. Besides, I don’t have what she’s looking for. “You don’t look like a … Continue reading

5/17/2012 Flash Fiction Faction

Hi everyone! My flash fiction isn’t quite ready. I’ve been having a bit of trouble with the fibromyalgia for the past few days, so…eww. But I will update with my story later in the day. In the meantime, I did want to give everyone the space to post their  flash fiction as I’m eager to … Continue reading

Haiku: Portmanteau

***Tacky Tracks*** Such a lazy train. Nothing will ever speed up this slocamotion. ***Only Dance Is On The Hook*** Yearly fishindig: catch a trout and have a beer; lakeside paradise. ***Don’t Thank Me For This*** One Thanksgiving Day, I cooked the monstrosity known as ‘Tofurkey‘.

Prompt: Portmanteau

  So what is a portmanteau? It is a few different things, actually. The most simple definition it is two words squished together to make another, new word. An example of a portmanteau would be the word, ‘spork,’ which means both a spoon and fork together. The challenge this week is to include either a … Continue reading

5/13/2012 Flash Fiction Faction

The above is our prompt for the Flash Fiction Faction this week. As always, the flash  are due on Thursday morning, EST. DETAILS FOR FLASH FICTION FACTION The flash fiction prompts will go live on Sundays, EST They will be due each week on Thursdays, EST. The prompts will vary week to week. Some will be photos, … Continue reading