4/15/2012 Flash Fiction Faction Prompt

This week we are back to a musical prompt. Unlike the last time, this prompt will contain lyrics as well as instrumentals.

For those of you who are new to the flash Fiction Faction, this is how you participate:


  • The flash fiction prompts will go live on each Sunday EST.
  • They will be due each week on Thursday morning EST.
  • The prompts will vary week to week. Some will be photos, others a word, a phrase, a sentence (that you may incorporate or draw inspiration from,) a scenario, etc. We will shake it up!
  • The pieces should be between 101 words and 1000.
  • I will post my Flash Fiction piece under the heading Flash Fiction Faction.
  • Leave a comment and link to your Flash piece.
  • Please, everyone, do your best to read and comment on everyone’s work. Leave your link wherever you go.
  • Tweet! #FlashFictionFaction and others. Promote your work. You worked hard to create these pieces, they deserve to be read.
  • And have a great time creating in whatever genre you choose.
  • Have a fantastic time this week and I’ll meet everyone back here on Thursday morning EST! 
  • And have a great time creating in whatever genre you choose.

And to everyone else: I’ll see you on Thursday EST. Get writing!

6 thoughts on “4/15/2012 Flash Fiction Faction Prompt

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