Flash Fiction Faction: From Agatha

Agatha stepped out of her station. Despite the thermal control film coating her body, the heat was unbearable.

They’d been gone for over one hundred years. The things they’d put in her sockets had been transmitting for over one hundred years. From Agatha to Agatha. She remembered every moment of her every life.

She was tired—as tired as the cooking Earth.

Agatha stared into Helios.

They chose me to witness,

watch the universe burn.

That star will destroy us all,

in the coming perfect solar storm.

I know, but I do not want to see,

the billions of cords blast.

a discordant symphony of light.

Photons randomly walk through the sun

eventually meandering out to glow.

Magnetic fields begin to twist.

Sensing the shift, I focus in.

A loss caused by saving flare.
Coronas char; my brain storms.

The rays stealing my sight

are older than language, older than man.

My duty had been to watch.

In time, that star will destroy us all,

in the coming perfect solar storm.

I know, but I did not want to see.

One hundred thousand miles away from Keplertobe, aboard the Darwin, Capt.

Zirmis started from his repose. He pressed the flashing button, ceasing the

adrenaline shock which had woken him.

“What does Agatha have to say today, Cillian?” he asked.

“I waited for you,” Cillian replied, swiping his palm across the AGATHA report access pad.

The screens were black.

“What’s happened? Is there something wrong with the signal?” demanded Capt. Zirmis.

“Shh…do you hear that?”

Cillian put the signal on a loop. Both men turned pale.

“She said, ‘Goodbye.’”

“I heard it too,” said Cillian, collapsing into his seat.

52 thoughts on “Flash Fiction Faction: From Agatha

  1. For some reason, your post isn’t coming up on my feed. I figured you’d posted something so I just came straight to your site. I’ve noticed that’s been happening lately. I’m not seeing things on my feed and I’m missing great posts because of it.

    Anyway, chillng story. Really sci fi. This read like a tv show with the return to earth. Really neat!!

    My attempt: http://unduecreativity.wordpress.com/2012/04/09/my-multiple-moms/

    I had every intention of writing a different story, but didn’t get a chance to do so. Great prompt by the way. I figure a lot of great stories will come from it.🙂

  2. I enjoyed your entry, very creative. I also loved the prompt, but alas have been going through accumulated stuff this week and not ime for writing. Don’t give up on me though.😉

  3. A great take on the prompt.
    I loved the idea of poor, tired AGATHA just not wanting to see the final devastation.
    Her simple ‘Goodbye’ spoke volumes.

    • Thank you, Mike. I’ve sort of let you guys in on a secret: this snippet is going to be part of a larger project. I have it slated to be written (I hope) beginning late next year.

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  7. This. Is. Incredible. I love this piece, Rinn. It’s my cup of tea all over the place for sure, but even were that not the case, it is so very well written… wow. Agatha’s soliloquy is so evocative and mysterious… really reminded me of Roy Batty’s ‘Tears in Rain’ speech at the close of Blade Runner (and from me there can be no higher praise). I see this story perfectly visualised in my minds eye. Superb Sci-Fi. What a talent. I was glad to read there will be more of this. Congrats on a wonderful creation. I hope you recover from your illness soon.



    (hope you don’t mind the shameless plug)

    • Sort of, but not quite. The problem with this piece is that it is a snippet of a MUCH bigger story. There is much more to Agatha than what you read here. She may not even be where, or what you think.

    • Thank you, Madison. It is pretty sad. I’m very eager to extend this to the length it is supposed to be. I think patience is the thing that is hardest for me as a writer.

    • Hi Parul,
      Sorry it took me so long to get back to you. I’ve been ill this week and was unable to participate in Madison’s Friday Fictioneers this past week. I run a Flash Fiction prompt that goes live on Sunday mornings Eastern Standard Time. The Flash pieces are due on Thursdays EST. I linked to my flash piece from last Thursday. Sorry for the confusion.

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