4/1/2012 Flash Fiction Faction Prompt

Our prompt this week is sweet and simple: a photo.

Photo Credit: MinorcanMeteorolgist


  • The flash fiction prompts will go live on Sunday mornings EST.
  • They will be due each week on Thursdays EST.
  • The prompts will vary week to week. Some will be photos, others a word, a phrase, a sentence (that you may incorporate or draw inspiration from,) a scenario, etc. We will shake it up!
  • The pieces should be between 101 words and 1000.
  • I will post my Flash Fiction piece under the heading Flash Fiction Faction.
  • Leave a comment and link to your Flash piece.
  • Please, everyone, do your best to read and comment on everyone’s work. Leave your link wherever you go.
  • Tweet! #FlashFictionFaction and others. Promote your work. You worked hard to create these pieces, they deserve to be read.
  • And have a great time creating in whatever genre you choose. I’ll meet you back on Thursday morning, EST, with some fantastic flash fiction.

10 thoughts on “4/1/2012 Flash Fiction Faction Prompt

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