Posted in April 2012

Scaffolding, or What Writers Can Learn From the Construction Industry with R.J. Davnall

I’m pleased to introduce a very talented writer to everyone. R.J Davnall is the author of the epic paranormal fantasy series ‘Second Realm.’ The first four episodes are available as a collected novella entitled, ‘Van Raighan’s Last Stand‘. Scaffolding, or What Writers Can Learn From the Construction Industry I’d characterise myself as an intuitive writer. Not that … Continue reading

Flash Fiction Faction: Wahmenitu’s Song

Wahmenitu is in the river. In the sea. In the rain. In the water you drink. She sat in the grass, Wahmenitu rippling past. She began to experience the physical world with intense, heightened perception; this new skin has never touched such things. The slender, green leaves beneath her palms are rubbery, and each blade … Continue reading

Haiku Bombers: Five Senses

***SIGHT*** I’ve seen ugliness in glorious perfection. Don’t make me see you. ***TASTE*** Bittersweet is the ovoid fruit, plump for dream birds. But you must beware. ***TOUCH*** Peeled grapes in water always felt like witches eyes on Halloween night. ***SMELL*** Cat, you stink so much. I think its the food you eat. Crack a window, … Continue reading

The Most Valuable Word with A.M. Murphy

The Most Valuable Word I was an adult before I understood what bad writing was. I knew when I liked a story, of course, but I couldn’t tell if it was really bad or good. Worse, I worried that I was guilty of bad writing myself. I was afraid I’d show a manuscript to someone … Continue reading

4/15/2012 Flash Fiction Faction Prompt

This week we are back to a musical prompt. Unlike the last time, this prompt will contain lyrics as well as instrumentals. For those of you who are new to the flash Fiction Faction, this is how you participate: DETAILS FOR FLASH FICTION FACTION The flash fiction prompts will go live on each Sunday EST. They will … Continue reading